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It was something about watching 6 guys huddled around a chess board arguing at 9pm on one of those winter nights where it was randomly spring for a day. The two men at the table obsessed over the strategies in play right before their eyes but it was the obervers who where the real show. Hyping up moves, boasting about their bets, and just laughing when one of the players made a move that almost put his opponent in check. 


The image stayed with me long after I had come and gone from my destination around Dupont Circle that night. So much so that I reseearched the DC chess scene and found out about the legend of Tom Murphy.


This is an 18"x24" print of my largest work to date "The Dupont Hustle". The orginal canvas print is still available and meassures at 30"x40".


Own this unique spin on Chocolate City's culture, history and characters today!  You can recieve this print at it's original size of 30"x40" by special request by emailing me ay

The DuPont Hustle Print

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